Work has been put into the pursuit courses to provide different courses for the Spinnaker and Non -Spinnaker fleets. The below link will take you to the new list.

What are the changes:
Each course has 2 options; a Non spinnaker and a Spinnaker fleet option.
The spinnaker fleet option is longer. Both fleets will be sailing in the same direction.

Courses denoted with the s = Spinnaker fleet course. The RO will display the course on the start box as the Number ONLY, so it’s up to the skipper and crew to know which fleet they are in.


RO decides to set course 1 this will be displayed on the box as just number 1.  The spinnaker fleet must sail the 1s course.

Course Number (s=spinnaker) Course Pass marks to: nm
1 start D G F E Finish P 6.6
1 s start D G R2 E Finish P 8.2


Please ensure you have a copy of the new course list on you boat. It can be printed off from the link.