The Australia Day weekend  from 23rd to 26th January 2021 is fast approaching.   We encourage you, as a RMYS member,  to get on board the RMYS Australia Day Nauti Weekend programme.  The working group comprising members of the Sailing Committee and the Member Services Committee have organised a weekend of free, fun and inclusive on-water events for all types of boats and skill levels from Clubs around the Bay.  After-parties each evening are also planned, with live music Australia Day, both on the Marina and at the Club, and are open to all.   


There are a number of different events to suit every boat and everyone who is not otherwise involved in structured on-water sailing and would like to have some fun.  These events are designed to include big and small keel boats, multi-hulls, classic yachts, motor boats, trailables, cruisers – boats of all shapes and sizes showcasing boating on the Bay.  Berthing accommodation at RMYS is also being offered to boats from other Clubs participating in events,  which will liven things up!


More details and registration (if you haven’t done so already) for these events will be available on the RMYS web site and the Nauti Weekend Facebook page.  Briefly, the events are these:

  • Saturday, 23rd of January:  “Meet in the Middle – Buoy O Buoy”.  Sail or motor out to the Centre Buoy M1 and rendezvous with boats and crew from other Clubs.  Bring your family and friends.  Return to RMYS for a paella Marina Party with DJ music.
  • Sunday, 24th January: Test your skills and hunt for the Bounty by finding the answer to as many clues as you can in the time available.  Follow up with a sausage sizzle at the Club – an ideal fun afternoon for family and friends.
  • Monday, 25th January: Charity Yacht Race with your donation to the Making Waves Foundation.   Handicaps up for grabs with prizes for the winners and best photo by non-sailing participants.  Party after in the Olympic Bar at the Club.  Karaoke anyone?
  • Tuesday 26th January: Be part of the on-water spectacle we have planned.  Join the all Clubs flotilla to showcase sailing and boating on the Bay.  Later, celebrate Australia Day with our Musician on the Marina and BYO bbq. 


To register, go to:

For more information  please feel free to call us, and go to:

Covid safe rules will apply and adjustments made as required due to weather.  


Monica Jones
Club Captain 
Sailing Committee

Rick Matthews
Rear Commodore   
Member Services Committee

Julie Davis
Nauti Weekend Working Group