Famed Addams family member and revered Adams 10 “Morticia” arrived at RMYS on Saturday. To celebrate the new arrival we have trawled the archives and married some classic old footage with some recent snaps of the boat. Watch a short video here.

Morticia now joins the RMYS Adams Family which has now grown to nine Joe Adams designed boats including six Adams 10’s, [Salamander, Jungle Juice, Red Dog, Longshot, The Bird, and Moriticia], two Adams 10.6’s [Sunshine and Cloud 10] and one cruising 13 [Catch a Star] owned by Jim Holroyd father of Katie and Johnny Holroyd who have all in their own rights sailed at the highest levels of the sport.

With the growing fleet and interest from other A10 owners from other Clubs at the top of the bay RMYS can look forward to the return of A10 class racing [the purest form of competitive sailing that operates without handicaps as all boat are of the same one design] and encourage any RMYS sailors who are keen to get involved to contact either former Club Captain Monica Jones owner of Salamander II, former Club Commodore Janet Dean from Jungle Juice or Chris Havre new owner of Morticia.

There is also talk of The Bird being commandeered by an all female team for some of the upcoming female-focused sailing events. We are hoping to see all of the RMYS A10s and many others from around The Bay competing as a class at the 30th anniversary of the AWKR to be held next year.

David Taylor and Chris Havre