The GenOA’s 

The Generational Outreach and Access (GenOA) Committee is the latest initiative at RMYS. Targeted (But not restricted) to members aged 18-35+, this sub committee of member services has a mission to increase engagement within and appeal to this age bracket. The GenOA’s meet on the first friday of every month for a laid back and mainly social committee meeting followed by drinks in the Olympic Bar. Theres usually a theme so make sure to check back and see what antics they’ve been up to as they work 


If you’re interested in joining the GenOA committee, flick an email through to Nadine, or if you just want to come along and support us, come say hi in the bar as we grab a drink for our next meeting! 


Update from the GenOA’s

Last Friday, May 7 we officially launched our RMYS Generational Outreach and Access (GenOA) Committee at the Millennial Mixer! 

The GenOA committee has drafted a mission of engaging with members aged between 18-35+ and improving access to facilities to appeal to new members within this age bracket. A bar packed with younger members and friends having a great night is a hopeful sign we are well on our way to meeting this mission! 

With Strawberry Daiquiri and Margarita Slushies, an inflatable Volleyball set, pop music from the 21st century and avocado on toast the appeal was strong for visitors to the club, one attendee even won a boat*!!! 14 GenOA aged guests received a complementary sail pass so the future of GenOA events is all but set to grow! 

We also have the opportunity to meet as a committee for the first time, feeling very important as we used the committee room to host our meeting and take our first official committee meeting photo!

The GenOA’s are set to meet the first Friday of every month with our next committee meeting being OpShop Formal themed on June 4th. Although it won’t be the full blown party that the Millennial Mixer, we are still there to be social. So, if you can stand the music, make sure to say hi!

We would also like to say a massive thank you to the GC for supporting us, to food and desire for accommodating us and to member Paul Swan and his band, Takin’ Chances who played for us at this event!

*Disclaimer: the boat was made of lego…