Wednesday, 27th July 2022

The winners of Race 9 were Tigris (Skipper Ian Lodewyckx and crew; Christine Stow, Jan Fielding, Laura Hamilton, Timothy Smith), Division 1 and Liberty (Skipper Bob Galbally and crew; Scott Albutt, Graeme Savage, Anthony Herriott), in Division 2. Congratulations!

We’re almost finished Series II, this was the penultimate race in the series with winds westerly and a wintery 15 degrees with light showers and 8 to 12 knots of wind. We had the opportunity to interview Division 2 winners, Liberty at the Olympic Bar after the race.

Division 2 winner, Liberty

The skipper of Liberty Bob Galbally said it was a good course! Though, “about 500 metres before the D mark we were out in front and all the fleet were closing in on us,” said Bob. Liberty was doing 0.8 of a knot and the breeze got down to 0.1 of a knot. The boat was slow moving but Bob could see lighter boats getting closer and closer to Liberty.

“Just as we got around D mark the breeze turned slightly to the south, I couldn’t believe it!” reports Bob. Liberty turned around to the west and went straight for the line bringing home the prize of first place.

“It was good fun and it was a good course but I have a cruising vessel a “Jino 36i” and it needs a bit of a breeze, more than 7 or 8 knots”, said Bob. “And you’ve got a heavy crew too!” adds crew member, Anthony Herriot to accompanying laughter.

Article by Lily Robbins, RMYS Communications Coordinator
Interviews by Ann Rogers RMYS Boating Administrator