Message from Sailing Coordinator

Intro: Hello members. Welcome to my new look weekly report. As the Sailing Coordinator I oversee all of the on water activities here at the club and as such will now be reporting on each  area each week.  This report will containing useful as well as informative information so I encourage all members to check it.

Racing: Still no on water racing yet but we are hopeful that the 1st November announcement will bring good news. If it does we are looking at our forts race being Wednesday Twilight 4th. All racing will start as NON SPINNAKER and will be assessed as we go. This is not a normal season so please be aware changes my happen quickly and your support and understanding is appreciated.

Entry to summer 20/21 is open https://www.rmys.com.au/sailing/racing/entrants-results/

Summer NOR will be posted ASAP but it does depending on VIC Gov and AS announcements please keep an eye on website. 

Please remember to get your IRC/AMS certs to me as well as your Safety Declaration . 

Juniors: Well its been a long time since we have seen them at the club and we can’t wait to get them back. If all goes well we will be restarting the junior program on the 8th November. Easing back into it with boats checks and a shake down sail.  Stonehaven 2021 has had to be postponed until 2022 but the good news is we will be hosting it then. 

Over the next few week I will be introducing the Juniors and their support team to you so watch this space 

Recreational Boating Group: As our club grows in numbers of both sail and power boats we are conscious of ensuring we are offering activities for all members. To this extent we have re badge the Cruising  Group to the Recreational Boating Group. This group will encompass any vessel on the RMYS register power and sail. The aim is to offer events/activities for those boats that can’t or don’t want to race. Under the leadership of Rob Ellis and Pat Milwright we will have the traditional cruising events and we will also be adding to the calendar on the 2nd Sunday of the month a new Recreational Boating Activity. This will vary in style with the  focus on getting boats out on the water and having fun (and learning a few things) . Off water social events will also be planned such as dinners and talks. We will be contacting all members over the next few weeks but welcome any suggestions for activities. Remember there is a section on the website for information on what’s happening https://www.rmys.com.au/sailing/cruising and soon a link in the app.

Any question please email Colin on racing@rmys.com.au