Message from Sailing Coordinator 24 Nov

Twilight Start System: There have been a few concerns over the visibility of the new light box during twilight races. We are looking at ways to help combat the effects of the sun, as it get higher in the sky it will have a lesser effect. While we make these design changes twilight races will be started as per the RMYS SI’s section 33.3.

After Race Announcements : This week I will be running the announcements and results so lets hope we see you there for the meal 

Results & Start Sheets: Pre Christmas 2020
Pre-Christmas Twilights (all non spinnaker)
The races that were all white sail and combined fleet are listed as

Races that have a spinnaker and Non spinnaker division are listed as

To find you start sheet for the rest of Twilight racing 2020 use either

2020 Summer Weekend
These races are list under 

Open Day Sail Pass: 

Crew Numbers: We have been advised that there is no longer social distancing on boats so we will no longer be enforcing the crew limits 

Crew sign on: There were a few boats this week that did not do a crew sign on. Please ensure that this is complete prior top racing, if not you may be scored DNC.

Sail Pass: Please remember that all sail passes need to be purchased through the MemberPoint App. The person will need to download the app, register and then purchase. Once they have purchased a Sail Pass you will be able to find them in the directory 48 hrs before the race day and then enter them into the crew sign on. Wednesday & Saturday $20, Sunday $0. If you wish to use you boat pass then contact the office and provide their details.

Sail Numbers: there are still a number of boats whos sail numbers are not of a contrasting color. The RO and team will be advising me of who these are and I will contact them directly. Please if you numbers are not contrasting we ask you to get them altered. 

Racing: Racing was held this week both Wednesday and Saturday. A fleet of 45 took part in the twilight, which provided our new RO and his team a taste of a busy finish line but they did and excellent job. The Saturday fleet was a bit lit as a number of boats did the ORCV race but 20 boats went around a light wind course and it was a good sail( a bit of confusing on the course was had but all in all it was a good day on the water)  

Squadron Sunday did not go ahead as we only had 2 boats turn up. Please if you have entered but do not plan to race please let me know 24hs prior to race start. We don’t to have volunteers coming to the club for no reason. All club racing does require a minimum of 4 boats to start a race.   

Full Results

Upcoming Racing:  
Wednesday 24th  November – Twilight Race 1800
Saturday 28th November Dick Lean Race – 1300 run by RYCV (please confirm with Colin if you plan to do this race)
Wednesday 2nd December Twilight Race 1800
Wednesday 9th December – Twilight Race 1800
Saturday 12th International Cup – 1400

Fantastic junior squad turnout this week end saw all four Quests on the water.
We warmly welcome two new members to the squad in Ethan and Aristotle RASSIAS.
With a gentle breeze Quests sailed out of the harbor and into the bay only to find a mill pond with the wind almost completely dropping out.
However when gusts did come through it made them easy to pick on the water.
Then came the rain however with a warm day no-one seemed to mind.
Whilst a course was set given conditions competitive racing wasn’t possible however under Ron’s tutelage Quests ventured further north to finally find some wind between 5 – 7 knots and have some meaningful sailing.

Our next event will be the George Mac regatta held at Brighton over 5 – 6 December. We are hoping to enter three boats. We will have the experienced race hardened Alex Ward skippering one boat and have two new skippers being Carli Preston and Ryan Savage so whilst we’ve got new crews we’re still aiming to have a 1,2, 3 result like last year and again win the Lady Stonehaven cup.

We can expect a real fight from RBYC given they will be still be smarting from losing both the Stonehaven Cup and Lady Stonehaven Cup to RMYS in the last year.

Thank you to all that are helping our. Especially thanks goes to Byran and Greg who are learning fast, I know we all appreciate their hard work and commitment, please let them know when you see them. For those who have been in the tower you can appreciate the challenges it brings. Keep up the good work folks  

Any question please email Colin on boating@rmys.com.au