Message from Sailing Coordinator

Intro: Sailing is on the horizon. With restriction being lifted we are planning our first outing Sat 31st as a shake down sail, it will be run from the tower as a combined start at 1330 hrs.  

In preparation for getting back on the water I want to remind you all of the new start system we know have on the tower. Please see separate article in this ebreeze about it and where to find the Start Procedure Document.

RMYS Course Numbers: With the implementation of the the start box we have had to amend the course numbers. New version showing Old an New course numbers is now available on the RMYS website. 

Member Point App: Remember this is the primary platform you doing your crew sign on, please ensure you are familiar with how to use it, as failure to do a proper crew sign on is breaking the RMYS COVID safe sailing and will incur disqualification from the race and maybe future races. 

Entry to summer 20/21 is open and we required all entries by 8am Monday  2nd. https://www.rmys.com.au/sailing/racing/entrants-results/

Summer NOR will be posted by 3pm Wednesday 28th October

Please remember to get your IRC/AMS certs to me as well as your Safety Declaration . 

Skipper will be email directly with reminders and updates as they come in. 

At this stage this will restart on the 8th November. Formal details will be announced in next weeks ebreeze

Recreational Boating Group:

Remember there is a section on the website for information on what’s happening https://www.rmys.com.au/sailing/cruising and a link in the app.

Any question please email Colin on racing@rmys.com.au