Message from Sailing Coordinator 10 Nov

Date Change for Moonlight Flit: This has been moved until end of February 2021. To enter you will need to have a Safety Category of 5N or better.

Sail Numbers: there are still a number of boats whos sail numbers are not of a contrasting color. Please remember that blue and red on black are very hard to see. 

Proposed new race: Sailing Committee would are considering running a summer afternoon race and are asking for expressions of interest. This race will be in the same format as the Mid Week Mariners winter race with a 1400 start time and lunch available prior to race. We are looking at either Wednesday or Tuesday afternoon. It will be a white sail pursuit race casual race.  Please use the link below to register your interest. 

Keelboat – Results:
Wednesday –
The first Twilight race was held last week. With wind blowing from the South at 25+ knots (with 3 gusts in the tower of 32 recorded) the fleet was small with 12 brace teams heading out and we are please to say all made in the round the course in the required time. 

1st Portofino – Stuart Tait
2nd Vagrant – David Connolly
3rd Revenge – Richard O’Berine
Full Results 

Saturday – This week we ran a COVID version of the WT Crosbie (part of the Edward Lumley Series) with a Tower Start under white sails only. It was a grey old day but at least the wind was at a better level 15-18 again from the south. 24 boats took to the start line and all completed the race 

1st Portofino – Stuart Tait
2nd Vagrant – David Connolly
3rd Weekend Option – Michael Culhane
1st Ellipse – Jack & Albert
2nd No Man’s Land – Sal Balharie
3rd How Bizarre – Scott Robinson
1st Portofino – Stuart Tait
2nd Arcadia – Peter Davison
2rd Rollercoaster – Jeff Whiteside
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Upcoming Racing: All White Sail Only 
Wednesday 11th – Twilight Race. Pursuit White Sails 1800hrs
Saturday 14th – Bert Watts Race. Tower Start, Combined/Squadron 1400hts

Great to get the teams back on the water. Ron Brown and Graeme Savage again provided a great day of training for the sailors, bright sun and light winds made for a great shake down. The new look Wet Bar was a nice surprise and is working well . 

Over the past few weeks we have introduced a new team to help with the running the tower. Byron Jackson and Greg Blackwood have put their hands up to be the main RO and Crew for the bulk of our tower races. They are both members of the club and each own very nice power boats. I hope that you all welcome them to the racing and say hi when you see them. Being new they are learning the ropes and have been supported by John Taylor and Andrew Gluth over the [past few weeks to help get a grasp of our courses. Below is a little bit about each of them

Byron Jackson (Club Race Officer)
I’ve always been interested in sailing and 4 years ago bought a yacht to take me round the world.
A spinal injury soon after meant that didn’t happen and now I have a power cruiser , that, one day will take me cruising round Australia.
I decided that I wanted to stay involved in sailing and becoming a RO seemed to be the best way.
It’s challenging, a lot of fun, educational and satisfying when you get it right and most importantly, I get to meet lots of good people.

Greg Blackwood (Time keeper and Boat driver)
I first joined RMYS in the late 1980s, crewed in both bay and ocean racing until purchasing Imogene a Joubert design in 1992 competing Hobarts, Hamilton island etc. 10 boats later I returned to RMYS 5 years ago after cruising the Caribbean North Pacific and Whitsundays. I now have a 51′ offshore motor cruiser

Any question please email Colin on racing@rmys.com.au