Message from Race Office: When we will race again?

Hi Folks

Well firstly I hope you are all well, it’s been a tough few months and I want to thank you for your patience and getting behind our COVID initiatives.

I thought this would be a good time to run over what we are doing to ensure that we are ready to start racing as soon as we are given the go ahead. When this is we still don’t have a firm date, this will be governed by VIC health and Australian Sailing, but rest assured that we will be ready for a quick start. 

What the racing will look like will of course be dependant on any restrictions that will be in place, this will affect the number of crew and how you operate your boat both on the course and the marina and we will be asking skippers to ensure that these requirements are met. Our expectations at this point are that we will be restricted to maintaining 1.5m 90% of the time, No “stacking” the rail and  masks to be warn. With this in mind we ask you to start thinking about how you will be able to adhere to these requirements.

A guide to manning (total incl skipper)
7m and below – 2 crew members
10m and below – 3 crew members
13m and below – 4 crew members
>13m – 5 crew members

In terms of who your crew is. We will be operating our Sail Pass system but this will initially only be open to people that you know and we will not be providing crew from the general public. We will also be strongly monitoring the crew declarations as this will be our means of COVID tracing, so please ensure they are completed and all information is provided. 

The racing, once it starts, will be as per our racing calendar in terms of what races we do and the summer season entry system is open so please can you enter the races/series you plan to do ASAP. https://www.rmys.com.au/sailing/racing/entrants-results/

At this stage all racing is planned as WHITE sail only, this will probably be for the duration up till Christmas but if circumstances change we will look at amending this initially for Saturday racing to include spinnakers. I will keep you informed. All RMYS races for now will be run from the RMYS tower, which will have the new start light box attached to it this week. (details of how this works will be posted on the website and emailed direct to owners). Please ensure you are familiar with the system before going to the first start. 

Finally, we are launching the new app, MEMBER POINT, this is an app that is being used by a number of clubs on the bay and will provide you with a one stop shop for all your club needs. From accessing the website, race entry, crew decs, sail pass and more. Please see the ebreeze article for  details. 

We look forward to getting you on the water as soon as we are allowed and please keep an eye on the website and your inbox for further updates