Upcoming Duty Rosters:

Please remember if you are unable to do your date please contact others on the rosters to see if you can swap.

Boat Duty Roster 07/07/21 – TOWER Red Dog
  14/07/21 – TOWER Charlotte
Officer of the Day 03/07/2021 Charles Meredith
  10/07/2021 Mark Grinter


Safety Equipment Declaration: New forms now due

All RMYS boats wishing to race must provide an up-to-date Safety Equipment Declaration. The forms can be found on the RMYS website. Please complete the appropriate form and email it back to Colin. This will cover you until June 2022. Once your form has been received you can collect your safety sticker from the office. An extension until the 9th now applies so get your new form into Colin, after that you may be scored DNC without a hearing (see SI’s section 4.1)

Crew Declarations:
There are still a number of boats not doing a crew sign on/declaration. This is mandatory and failure to comply will result in a DSQ from the race in question. The declaration shall include an emergency contact person and phone number for each crew member including the skipper on board that day. Please note, an emergency contact person for a crew member should NOT be on board the boat that day.

If a crew declaration is made or adjusted post the race, that does not fulfill the requirements.

ORCc Handicap:
We are still looking for boats to get on board with this. It is getting traction around the bay and we would like to see how it may work for RMYS. To do this we need boats to sign up so we can see how the results pan out. This is an ideal handicap for those boats that current only race on PHS. Its low cost and simple to get especially if you have a production boat. Use this LINK for information and online application.

MemberPoint: Finding Crew 

Just a quick reminder that one of the key features of the MemberPoint app is its ability to connect boats and crew in a simple and easy manner.
To take advantage of this feature – and to help people find boats to sail on – can you please complete the Boat Profile under “My Account”.

Complete each line and then when you are looking for crew for a race set “Enabled” to Yes. If you do not need crew then set “Enabled” to No.
NB: The details of your boat will not change unless you update them so you can go in, and change “enabled” as many times as you need/want.

Even if you do not often want crew, it would be helpful for you to do the boat profile, that way it is easy to quickly update the “Position” and “Availability” and make you visible to those looking for a ride.

An easy-to-follow video on how to do this can be viewed via this LINK

Any question on how to do this please contact Colin

First Aid Course – 25th July
Unfortunately due to a lack of numbers we will not be running this course. The next course is planned for 5th December  

MOB lecture – 17th July
Those that have registered have been sent an email requesting confirmation. If not already done so can you please confirm by return email. If you have not registered but wish to come please do so via this LINK  

Recreational Boating Group: The next event is the 11th of July. Open to any and all RMYS vessels, this event will explore the Docklands area looking at where and how to tie up. More details.

Volunteers: help is still needed.

Check out our Volunteer page to see what it’s all about… the club needs you.

Upcoming RMYS racing


Wednesday 7th – MWM series II race 6
Saturday 10th – Winter Spinnaker/Brass Monkey Race 6

The week that was: On the water

Wednesday 30th
MWM/Doctors of Northcote/Overnewton Series II Race 5
a fleet of 29 took to course #1 this week in 12 -15 kts of breeze. Its was crisp but the flat seas and sun made for a great afternoon sail.
First Place getters:
Morse Air PHS: Mallana – David Tapper
Morse Air AMS: Portofino – Syndicate
Overnewton PHS: XIT Strategy – Peter Smith
Doctors of Northcote AMS: XIT Strategy – Peter Smith
Tonner Series: Revenge – Richard O’Berine
Best Start: Vitamin C – Julie & Cam

Saturday 3rd
JH McDonald Race 4

First Place getters:
AMS: Sunshine – Jim Oostewr
PHS: Dalliance – Syndicate

Sunday 4th July
Classic Race 5


7 RMYS boats took part in what was a weekend of mixed weather. The full results can be seen via the below link, but stand outs are:
Line Honours: Lord Jiminy 6th
PHS: Ca Bouge 3rd
AMS : Ca Bouge 5th



No sailing due to school holidays