Boat Duty Roster. This is online so please take a look and know when you are required to help out. You will need to provide a crew member to help with race management in the tower or on the water. If you can’t cover your date it’s up to you to find someone who can, this may mean swapping a date with another boat. Remember racing can only go ahead with the help from members. 

Sail Pass: Guests of our members are always welcome but as with every sport there are costs involved in regular usage of a facility and actively participating. As such, to take part in a race, a Sail Pass will need to be purchased. The passes are for the benefit and safety of all sailors, so that we have emergency contact details for everyone out on the water. Also, all those sailing must be added to your crew sign on. Remember all of this is done via the Memberpoint app and full details of how to use the app are on our website

Upcoming races where volunteers are still needed:
Saturday 10th and 11th April – Tumlaren State Champs
            Tower:  Crew x 1 (each day)
Saturday 10th April: RMYS Re-sail Day. 
           Mark Boat Killara: Crew x 1
           Mark Boat Albatross: Crew x 1
           Start Boat William Patterson: Crew x 3
If you can help please contact Colin on

Upcoming RMYS Racing:
Wednesday 31st: Mid Week Mariners Race 2
Wednesday 7th April: Mid Week Mariners Race 3
Saturday 10th April: Resail Day Race 2 Short Aggregates 1300 
Sunday 11th April: Association Cup
Wednesday 14th April: Mid Week Mariners Race 4 
Saturday 17th April: Services Shield 1200
Wednesday 21st: Mid Week Mariners Race 5
Saturday 24th: Liston Cup 1030

The week that was:
Keel Boats:

Mid Week Mariners Series I: Wednesday 30th March
A fantastic fleet of 35 boats took to the water in perfect sailing conditions. 8-1o from the south and calm sea plus sun.. what more do you want. 

Race Winners: Non Spinnaker PHS – Sugoi
                       Non Spinnaker AMS – Portofino
                       Spinnaker PHS – Tigris
                       Spinnaker AMS – Matador
                       Tonners – Charlotte
                       Best Start – Tigris

Saturday; No Racing EASTER

Juniors Quest Fleet

No training for a while due to Easter and school holidays  

Next training session Sunday 25th April

Volunteers: help is still needed. 

Help is always needed, so no matter what membership or experience you have, please get involved. Contact Colin on