Message from Boating Coordinator 5 January 21

Although I might be away I wanted to keep you all in the loop, so below are a few reminders, I hope you all had  a great Christmas and New Year… see you on the 6th 

Upcoming RMYS Sailing:

6 January – Wednesday Twilight & Dinner Series II – 1800hrs
9 January – Doc Bennell Race (hosted by HBYC)
16 January – 2 short Aggregate Races (HBYC & RYCV to join)
23 January – Agar Wynne ( New Format  SI’s) 

Agar Wynne Race: Now a CAT 6 race
With the cancelation of the Geelong FOS weekend, the usual Agar Wynne Race is not possible. After discussion with sailing committee it has been decided that this year we will change the format of the race but keeping it as part of the Long Distance Series. This year the race will be held in conjunction with HBYC on Saturday 23rd and the course will be Portalington return.  SI’s will be posted by January 16th. You can also enter the HBYC race which finishes at Portarlington 

NEW Twilight Start Sheets: 
In response to many members requesting a joint start sheet, Twilight Series II has been reconfigured. There is now one race series setup with two divisions (Div 1 = Spinnakers & Div 2 = Non Spinnaker). The series is call 
Summer Twilight Block II . From here you will be able to print of a start sheet . Please remember finalized starts time will be at 1500 on race day.

Safety Category Forms: Last chance to get these in. If I don’t have them by the 5th you will not be able to race. Please email then to Colin  at boating@rmys.com.au
Safety Form

We have a big and busy 2021 so please let me know if you can help with race control 

Any question please email Colin on boating@rmys.com.au