Upcoming RMYS Racing:
6th February – Range Day 1
7th February – Jennifer Goldsmith Trophy & Lunch
10th February – Twilight Series II Race 6
13th February – Big Bay Challenge
14th February – Shirley Freeman (HBYC) 
17th February – Twilight series II Race 7
20th February – Ruth Nangle 
21st February – Jeanette Turnbull

Jennifer Goldsmith Race and Lunch.Sunday 7th 
One of RMYS premier races and events. Get your entry and lunch booking in NOW. You can do the race and the lunch or just the race or just the lunch Lets get behind this great event. Full information can be found HERE

Range Series 2021
The first race of the 2020-2021 Range Series ( formerly Nautilus Marine Series ) will be held on 6th February 2021 hosted by Royal Yacht Club of Victoria. Due to Covid 19 there will be a shortened Series with only 4 race days.

Twilight: Wednesday 27th
Race was Abandoned due to Gale Warning.

Saturday: Squadron Trophy  & Plate
A good forecast for a long race. The usual suspects from RMYS were out on the course and provided once again a force to be reckoned with.  few boats retired 




Volunteers: help is still need 
We have a core group that do the heavy lifting. A successful club relies heavily on its members to help out. This is call out for more of you to take up the challenge of running races. Its fun rewarding and not that difficult. Put your hand up to do sometime in the tower or on the water and learn the ropes with the aim of getting your club Race Officer qualification. You will be under the watch eye of some very qualified and experienced volunteers and RO’s so you will be in great hand . So it does not matter water membership category you hold be it social, Sailing, Senior or junior join in

Any question please email Colin on