Upcoming Duty Rosters:

Boat Duty Roster 19/05/2021 Lord Jimmy
  26/05/2021 Charlotte
Officer of the Day 22/02/2021 Jeff Whiteside
  29/05/2021 Rick Matthews

Please remember if you are unable to do your date to contact others on the rosters to see if you can swap.

M.O.B session: 29th May
Please register now. Remember it is a requirement for all skippers plus alternatives to have attended at least on of these session annually.  Other crew also welcome. Please register via this LINK.

ORC Rating System:
We are looking into taking up the ORC Club inshore handicap system as part of our results system.
To decide if this is a way we want to proceed we need RMYS boats to obtain their ORC rating so we can run these results alongside our current rating system AMS and see how it stacks up.
There are several advantages to the ORC rating system in that boats do not need to be weighed, it is cheaper and self-declared.
Current cost is $45 and obtaining your rating is done online.
It is a good option for boats that currently do not have an AMS rating but would like to compete in a rating system results.
So, I am therefore asking if you would consider getting a ORCc rating for your boat and getting involved

More details and how to get you rating please visit this LINK

Upcoming Volunteer help Required:
Always plenty of spaces that still need to be filled. In particular we are looking for help in the tower for the following dates:
Sunday 30th – Race Officer and 2 x crew to run both the 2 handed and Squadron Sunday race. (need to be at the club 0900)
Please let me know if you can help.

Wednesday Start Sheets:
To help ensure that you can all access the combined start sheets, and reduce paper, the Wednesday sheet can now be accessed in the following ways:
1. Online via the Notice Board in RMYS Winter
2. Via a QR code on the Olympic Bar notice board and outside wet bar.
3. A copy will be pinned to the Olympic Bar notice

MemberPoint App:
Folks please remember this is our primary source of communicating with members, especially to do with what’s happening on the water. Ensure that you have Notifications set to “on” so as to be able to receive communications.

Squadron Sunday: Winter
For those wishing to sailing in the Squadron Sunday events over the 2021 Winter season you will need to do a Winter entry using this LINK.

2 handed series:
This starts 30th May. For those interested in being involved please enter via this LINK.

Upcoming RMYS Racing:

Wednesday 19th: Mid Week Mariners I Race 9
Saturday 22nd: JH McDonald Race 2 (earlier start time of 1300)
Wednesday 26th: Mid Week Mariners I Race 10
Saturday 29th: Winter Spinnaker Race 3 (Brass Monkeys)
Sunday 30th: 2 Handed Series (Start 1000) and Squadron Sunday 1030 (Start 1030)

The week that was:
Keel Boats:

Mid Week Mariners Series I:
12 May (30 Boats)
1st place winners
Morse Air Non Spinnaker PHS- Arcadia
Morse Air Non Spinnaker AMS – Arcadia
Overnewton Spinnaker PHS – Tigris
Doctors of Northcote Spinnaker  AMS – Matador
Tonners – Hot Shot
Best Start – Vitamin C (3 sec)

Saturday: 15th May
Winter Spinnaker


Junior Racing Squad (Quests) 

Volunteers: help is still needed.

Check out our Volunteer page to see what its all about… the club needs you.