Message from Boating Coordinator 12 January 21

Upcoming RMYS Sailing:
13 January – Twilight Series II Race 2
16 January – 2 short Aggregate Races (HBYC & RYCV to join)
23 January – Agar Wynne 

Start Box on the Tower
We have made some initial modifications to try and improve the visibility, initial testing  has been good and the changes have been effective. We will therefore yes the light box system to start the twilight race this week (13th Jan) and see how we go. Please remember to check the link below to remind yourselves on how it works.

Tower Communications
We remind you that the race tower is not to be contacted within the 10 min to first start and the last start unless it is an emergency. The course is announced in a number of wats (Windows, VHF and MemberPoint app) at 1745. Radio checks must also be done before 1750. The team are very busy and this is a distraction to the work they need to do.

Agar Wynne Race: Now a CAT 6 race
SI’s are now available on the RMYS website. Last entries is Thursday 21st January 12 noon.

NEW Twilight Start Sheets: 
The combined start sheet for both Spinnaker and Non Spinnaker boats can be found under Summer Twilight Block II . Please note that these will not be finalized until 3pm on the day. A hard copy will be posted on the Olympic Bar and Wet Bar notice boards.

Safety Category Forms:
There are still a number of outstanding forms and these boats will be contacted directly. To be involved in racing these need to be provided to Colin either at the office or via email. Please also remember to collect your safety sticker 

Twilight: Wednesday 6th
A small fleet of 27 took to the water and although overcast and a bit chilly it was a great race with all boats in by 2000hr.

PHS Non-Spinnaker – Yamaha Generators

1st Mallana David Tapper
2nd Sea Eagle Kevin Curtis
3rd Blue Horizons John Everton

AMS Non-Spinnaker – Yamaha Generators

1st Sea Eagle Kevin Curtis
2nd Ryujin Alex Tomley
3rd Ca Bouge Arron Marlow

PHS Spinnaker – Insight Building & Design 

1st Marie Grace Paul Darcy
2nd Espresso Steve Thompson
3rd Salamander III Monica Jones

AMS Spinnaker – Insite Building & Design 

1st Espresso Steve Thompson
2nd Red Dog Don McDonnell
3rd Salamander III Monica Jones

Tonner Challenge

1st Hot Shot Michael Rigato
2nd Dalliance Syndicate
3rd Charlotte Ross Flood

Best Start

1st 0.5 sec Revenge
2nd 1 sec Next Step
3rd 2 sec Siren

Full Results

Saturday: Doc Bennell.
A joint event with RYCV & HBYC. 11 boats started and 9 finished. A very light air day so not the best sailing but a wonderful day on the Water. 


S80 Victorian Championship 2021
17 boats competed in a fantastic weekend of glorious weather, close racing and camaraderie. RMYS member Steve Thompson was running the event for the first time as President of the S80 Association. Despite his ineptitude and blundering everyone enjoyed the event.  Andrew Gluth from RMYS was the esteemed Race Officer with volunteers also from RMYS and Royals.

Contrary to the weather forecast we actually got sufficient wind on Friday and Saturday mornings to get racing started but had a scorching drift for an hour and a half on Sunday morning waiting for the sea breeze.

Take One, Mood Indigo and Espresso represented RMYS with the results shown below.  


We have a big and busy 2021 so please let me know if you can help with race control. It’s fun and a great way to help out, learn more about racing and meet great people. 

Any question please email Colin on boating@rmys.com.au