Members Meeting -Clubhouse Redevelopment Concept

Wednesday 30th September
Online @ 6pm

Dear Members,

Just a quick reminder that we have the Member’s Meeting tomorrow, Wednesday 30th September at 6pm online.

Yesterday, Matt sent an email direct to all members with a link to the RMYS Redevelopment Presentation video. This video provides all members with an opportunity to view and properly consider the concept.

How to I submit my questions?
The team from Muir Architects will present and answer questions at the meeting. Please submit any questions by email to Matt, manager@rmys.com.au

Quick article update regarding Q’s (6.40pm, 29-09-2020)

To ensure asking questions is as easy as possible there are three methods:
1. Email them to Matt, manager@rmys.com.au before the meeting, these will be given priority.
2. During the meeting write your question in the Q&A function.
3. During the meeting click on the “hand up” and the facilitator will advise when you can speak.

Please contact Matt if you require further information.

Where else can I find this information?
The following have been uploaded under the Clubhouse Redevelopment folder in the member’s portal for quick access;

  • Members meeting webinar link
  • Concept presentation video link
  • PDF of the concept plans

    If you require assistance logging into the portal  please contact Jan on 03 9534 0227, or email members@rmys.com.au and she will assist you.