Pot, Parma  and Chat nights

Lou Hutton presented members with an excellent overview of the Flags we all need to know about, and some less obvious.  We strongly recommend that you have a look at the video recording of the talk.  The link is available on the Pot Parma and Chat page of the RMYS website.

Your MSC is always on the lookout for people to talk about all things sailing.  We are working on a “Racing Rules of Sailing” night, “How to win the best start”, ” Essential emergency equipment for Bay and Ocean racing”, ” Who Am I”, and any other toipic you think might not send the crowd to sleep!!.  This is your Club – let us have your ideas on how to make it bigger, better and brighter for your enjoyment.


Mid-Week Mariners and Wednesday Lunch

Mid Week Mariners is so much fun if you can get away from boring alternatives.  Sailing on a Wednesday afternoon acts as a wonderful wedge in the week.  There are often spots available for the loose crew (and not so loose).  Very relaxing and fun.  Just what you need in the middle of the week.   Or how about just coming down for lunch – business or pleasure.  Bring your colleagues, partners, neighbours, friends, enemies.  All are welcome.  The lunch options provided by f&d last week were extremely good. While away a couple of hours in the Olympic Bar impressing your lunch partners with the view and your scintillating conversation!!!   So come on down and enjoy the freedom of a mid-week break.


Recreational Boating Group

Justin Spangaro has taken over the Recreational Boating position from, Rob Ellis whose many commitments mean he can no longer lead this group.   We thank Rob for his diligent work.   Justin is a powerboat owner and relatively new member of RMYS, although he has been associated with the Club for several years.  Justin’s philosophy for the “Rec Boating” group is all about getting out and having a good time on the water and finding excuses to justify all the money you spend on owning a boat.  A “Town Hall” meeting was held last Friday night at the Club and we will hear more about that from Justin.


Thank you, Lee and Chappy

Family ties at beautiful Lake Macquarie have lured Lee and Chappy (not forgetting Yuki) away from St Kilda, but not the Club.  While we won’t see as much of them, it will take more than warmer weather, beautiful scenery, and the peace and quiet not present in  St. Kilda to keep them away from RMYS.  Very many thanks from the MSC to both for their many years of work.



If you would like to help out with any of the many MSC projects that club Volunteers are involved in, contact MSC Members by emai:  rearcommodore@rmys.com.au