Over the past few weeks we have introduced a new team to help in the running of the tower. Byron Jackson and Greg Blackwood have put their hands up to me the main RO and Crew for the bulk of our tower races. They are both members of the club and each own very nice power boats. I hope that you all welcome them to the racing and say hi when you see them. Being new they are learning the ropes and have been supported by John Taylor and Andrew Gluth over the [past few weeks to help get a grasp of our courses. Below is a little bit about each of them

Byron Jackson (Club Race Officer)
I’ve always been interested in sailing and 4 years ago bought a yacht to take me round the world.
A spinal injury soon after meant that didn’t happen and now I have a power cruiser , that, one day will take me cruising round Australia.
I decided that I wanted to stay involved in sailing and becoming a RO seemed to be the best way.
It’s challenging, a lot of fun, educational and satisfying when you get it right and most importantly, I get to meet lots of good people.

Greg Blackwood (Time keeper and Boat driver)
I first joined RMYS in the late 1980s, crewed in both bay and ocean racing until purchasing Imogene a Joubert design in 1992 competing Hobarts, Hamilton island etc. 10 boats later I returned to RMYS 5 years ago after cruising the Caribbean North Pacific and Whitsundays. I now have a 51′ offshore motor cruiser