BINGO NIGHT – Friday 2nd October

Friday 2nd October
5.30pm onwards
4 Games 

This Friday we will be holding an online BINGO night again.  You will get 4 games each this week that will be run one after the other.  The winner of each game will get a $30 credit added to their RMYS account.

How it works:  Download your unique bingo cards (4 each) via this link. On the night join the zoom chat. NB: Download cards before the night to ensure you have them
Join Zoom Meeting

To play online: Once in the zoom chat, open your bingo card (you choose with one to play)  and have it on your screen. . I will call out the numbers via Zoom chat, and using your cursor click on the numbers when they come up, a red X will appear on that number. If you select a wrong number click that number again and the red X will disappear .

To play on paper: Print out your cards and mark off with a marker

How to win: The person to get a full line in any direction calls out bingo, you give me your card ID and I check it, the system will tell me if you have won. I can share my screen so you can all see if someone has won. We will then play the next game.

It’s simple and a lot of fun. I hope you all join in.