BINGO NIGHT 14th August


We recently hosted a Zoom bingo and it was a great success, so much so it has been requested again but this time with more games. So I can plan this and ensure we have enough games to go around please can you register your interest via the below link before Thursday 13th August. We will then run the zOOM Bingo on the 14th. The winner of each game will get a $30 credit added to their RMYS account.

Registration of Interest - BINGO

How it works: You will download your unique bingo cards (3 each) via a link that will be provided on the 11th August. On the night join the zoom chat. 

To play online: Once in the zoom chat, open your bingo card (you choose with one to play)  and have it on your screen. . I will call out the numbers via Zoom chat, and using your cursor click on the numbers when they come up, a red X will appear on that number. If you select a wrong number click that number again and the red X will disappear .

To play on paper: Print out your cards and mark off with a marker

How to win: The person to get a full line in any direction calls out bingo, you give me your card ID and I check it, the system will tell me if you have won. I can share my screen so you can all see if someone has won. 

Its simply and a lot of fun so I hope you all join in.