Meet our Volunteers – Varan Freestone

Celebrating National Volunteer Week 2020 here at RMYS
Introducing the beautiful Varan Freestone
Meet a Volunteer – Varan Freestone

1. Tell us a bit about yourself. What is your background?

Nurturer, proud Mumma and wife. I love utilising my authentic creative
ability through dance, writing, painting, cooking, sewing, sailing, volunteering.

Owner of Dharam Events and WISE- Women-Informed-Supported-Enlightened.

My Events business morphed over the years and I planned and organized
many conferences and events including wedding from concept to completion.

WISE- A bespoke holistic journey giving you an opportunity to delve within to help you align your mind, heart, body, and soul.

2. What drew you to sailing and RMYS?

My husband, Rick, learnt to sail at the age of 14. His Mum was his mentor. He enjoyed an amazing life on the water.
We were walking past the club about 2 and half years ago, I encouraged Rick to join the club, we walked, he joined sailed that afternoon…
Pauline encouraged me to join the volunteer’s group. I did about 18 months
ago. David Hodge invited onto his boat (Gracie), and thus started my lessons
in sailing.

3. What made you want to get into race management?

I find it, thrilling, a bit nerve wrecking and relaxing yes, all these emotions
combined. Over the months I realized how much pleasure I have gained from my volunteer experience. I decided to take the next step to train as RO.
4. What do you like about volunteering as part of the RMYS team?

The camaraderie is great, and everyone is very supportive. Some great
friendships have been formed.

Having great mentors like Ian, Selwyn, Monica, Amanda, Andrew have been very beneficial towards my training. I somehow fell in love with this hobby.

Most importantly, my hobby, a sport to my husband, Rick, we can enjoy and
have fun together.

5. Do you have a favourite memory or highlight?

A lot of beautiful and nervous memories with changing weather patterns.
Having my two nieces with me in the tower is a precious memory. Highlight for was running my first race as RO, with Monica and Selwyn.

Thank you and Happy Sailing – Varan