Meet our Volunteers – Ross Flood

Celebrating National Volunteer Week 2020 here at RMYS
Introducing the amazing Ross Flood
Meet a Volunteer – Ross Flood

1. Tell us about yourself. What is your background

Electrical Engineer. 38 years in electricity distribution and
telecommunications industry. Now retired.

2. What drew you to Sailing & RMYS

Learnt to sail in a Sabot on Albert Park Lake 1960. Introduced to RMYS via
the 12’ Cadets in 1962. As full member graduated to YW Diamonds in 1964
and half-tonners in about 1975. Took a break from the club in 1994 and returned in 2007 with half-tonner Charlotte.

3. What made you want to get onto Race Management

Commenced gently with Start boat laid courses on flags under guidance
of Dennis Livingston in 2009. Became more regular with laid courses starting with AWKR and did the Race Officers course. More experience in
managing races from the tower and laid courses. I enjoy helping to provide professional management of races and regattas.

4. What do you like about Volunteering?

Working with fellow RMYS members in the race management team where we all contribute in different ways to successful racing is very satisfying.

5. Do you have a Memorable Moment or highlight?

Running many RMYS races under extreme conditions with success and participating in several Sail Melbourne regattas with world class race management people.