Meet our Volunteers – Ian Guyett

The amazing Wednesday racing team. Selywn Stokes (Left) and Ian Guyett (Right)
Celebrating National Volunteer Week 2020 here at RMYS
Introducing the friendly and dependable Ian Guyett
1. Tell us a bit about yourself. What is your background?
In my mid 40’s with a midlife crisis looming, I had become a
work-a-holic with no particular outside interests.
2. What drew you to sailing and RMYS?
Considered sailing (no previous experience), undertook a sailing
course, and was picked up by a keen Seaway 25 skipper at RMYS.
3. What made you want to get into race management?
With a 14yo son, involvement with the juniors was the next step
and undertook power/ rescue boat training, marine license, and
marine Radio accreditation. Over the years got more and more
involved with race management and now at age 75 have settled
down with mainly Wednesday racing.
4. What do you like about volunteering as part of the
RMYS team?
I find it very relaxing, learning, have fun watching the races.
5. Do you have a favourite memory or highlight?
Have spent many hours on Albatross. On one occasion with an
inter club event on the western course, encountered a 50 kt
squall. Certainly, appreciated the seaworthiness of that vessel on
this occasion.
Stay behind the line – Ian Guyett