Leaving you boat for an extended time

With COVID 19 meaning we are not able to get out and about as normal and thus come to the club, its a good idea to think about what you can do with your boat to put her to bed for a while. 

Sails: Remove and pack away sails that will normally be left out, This includes mainsails but especially furling head-sails. For long periods of time we suggest getting the headsail down and pack it way below decks. Over time it is easy for furling sails to come loose in the wind and this can cause significant damage. If you don’t want to or can not remove sail at least unfurl and re furl tightly, do not leave clew extending out.

Through hull fittings: Ensure all through hull fittings have the seacock closed. With your log its a good idea to remove the impeller and replace it with the plug to avoid growth build up on the impeller blades.

Engines: These ideally do need to be run, tricky when you can’t get to the boat so if you can get down weekly great. When you do come back and if you have left it while check the impeller as they do degrade over time especially if left to dry out.

Batteries: where possible hook up a solar panel charging system, Disconnect no essential instruments.   You may need to charge these when you get back to the boat so see us at the club and we can help. 

Bilges: Make sure they are clean and dry before locking up the boat. Insure your auto bilge pump float switch is working and has a good power supply.

Pests: Make sure there are no locations that would make ideal vermin homes. Remove ropes from lockers and ensure no food items are left on board. Peppermint oil works well to discourage the likes of RAKALI but it needs to be in a covered space . Soak a sponge and put it in a container then in a locker. 

Fenders: If your boat is on the marina, check you have sufficient fenders and that they are in good condition. Ensure they are attached to strong points (not Life lines) with a locking hitch. Never hurts to have a few extra fenders than normal





Too many?

Cover: Lastly Cover you boat as best you can, it will protect it from the elements and hopefully it wont be too dirty when you get back on board.