JimmyRum Tasting Night at RMYS – September 13th

Happy Happy Fridays | Olympic Bar | Lesleigh McDougall, Ops manager

Happy Happy Fridays continue in the Olympic bar, 13th September with JimmyRum Distillery, who operate a craft rum distillery on the Mornington Peninsula. They also import small batch Barbados rum. They were one of the sponsors for AWKR and would like to introduce RMYS to their premium product  with a free tasting and talk about  the distilling process and the finer aspects of small batch and craft rums.

There will be 3-4 sailor loved JimmyRum themed cocktails available at the bar (ie Cuba libre (rum n coke with lime), Mojito, Dark and stormy, espresso rumtini, daquiri, Silver with soda and lime, neat giving all members and friends an option to try the spirit as you would generally drink. There will be an introductory chat and general rum discussion

Members can go up to a tasting table and get tastings of our 4 product line up. Click here to read more about their product range.