The JH McDonald Race this past Saturday, 23 July featured light rains, 12 degrees and a N – NE wind.

Congratulations to Tigris (crew: Stanley Bracchi, Brad Doak, Jan Fielding, Laura Hamilton and Ian Lodewyckx) for winning Division 1. Tigris wasn’t available for an interview.

Dalliance (crew: Bruce Garmston, Graeme Pettingill, Bruce Rogers) won Division 2. Bruce Rogers met with Ann Rogers for an interview following the race.

Bruce, part of the Dalliance team, won first place this week in our Mid Week Mariners race. They chased the wind along the course and did well!

“You’ve got to race the wind, if you go off track a bit that’s okay you just have to race the wind and trim to the wind every time,” reports Bruce. Dalliance stayed “probably less than 150m away from the run line at any time. There was a moment they veered further away because they couldn’t point close to the wind but that didn’t stop them from bringing home a first place prize.

Article written by Lily Robbins

Interviews by Ann Rogers