Ian Lodewyckx not re-standing as Treasurer

Ian Lodewyckx has decided to not seek re-election as Treasurer and a General Committee member in order to focus on his new major project: the building of a new house as an owner builder.

Ian has been a member of General Committee nearly continuously since 2001 and has served as Vice Commodore, Rear Commodore and Treasurer, as well on a range of sub-committees. This is a remarkable commitment to the Squadron and Ian’s contribution has been a significant factor in the development of the club over that time.

Ian’s knowledge of past committee’s decisions and the history of the administration of the Squadron over the last 20 years was unsurpassed and often of great assistance. With an eye for detail and an aptitude for hard work, he has contributed to GC and to his flag officer roles in many ways. These same skills will no doubt be just as valuable as an owner-builder!

I wish to heartily thank Ian for his service to the Squadron on behalf of the members, General Committee and sub-committee members and myself for his valued service to the Squadron.

Charles Meredith