Recently a Member disposed of paint in an unsealed container in a Marina bin.  This subsequently leaked into the Marina, leaving a film of white paint floating on the surface.

Fortunately it was spotted and was able to be cleaned before it spread too far and added a new waterline mark to vessels in the marina (and before it was reported to the EPA, Earthcare, or Parks Victoria, or other Authorities).

It is a timely reminder to all Members though on what can and can not be disposed of in the Marina (and Yard/Building bins).

No hazardous/toxic material, including thinners, paint, fuel, oils, etc are to be put in any bins, either the yard or the marina. All such waste must be disposed of responsibly by the user. The nearest location that may accept such waste is the Port Phillip Resource Recovery Centre, on the corner of White and Boundary streets, South Melbourne.

Please pay attention to the reminders that appear on the bin lids, and in the interest of keeping the Marina as clean as possible for all Members, please consider the following:

  • Absolutely no hazardous waste/chemicals, including oil filters
  • If it doesn’t fit in a bin, please bring your rubbish in to the Yard skip.  Please do not leave large boxes, containers etc in the Marina Gate area.
  • If the bins are full, sorry, we will try to get to them asap, but in the meantime, please bring your rubbish into the Yard skip.  Please do not leave bags of rubbish in the gate area.
  • As a general rule, if you didn’t eat or drink the contents of the rubbish, please consider other Members and bring your rubbish in. The bins are not there to dispose of your boat remodelling project.

Thank you for your understanding.