Golf Cart

The Golf Cart is now back in action, so we are again able to assist Members with larger ferrying tasks (subject to availability).


This also means we will be able to put the bins back out behind the Marina gates.


As mentioned in last weeks Ebreeze, we are unfortunately no longer able to store waste oil (or other liquids). Further information from the EPA Victoria also highlights what may and may not be disposed of in General Waste. Essentially:

  • NO LIQUIDS (that you wouldn’t drink) – e.g.Oil, fuel, thinners, paint, etc.
  • NO OILY RAGS    


We have some flyers in the office (see Damien or Kuki) about locations that such material can be taken to.


We hope to put some recycling bins out in the near future (for cans and bottles only).  More details will follow when that proceeds.


We will still (happily!) accept batteries.


If you’ve any questions, please see Damien.