A new sustainability project is coming to RMYS thanks to the GenOA Committee!

This simple project looks to benefit the club and the environment by reducing waste, repurposing your cans and fundraising for further environmental contributions.


STEP 1. You drink beer or soda from cans
STEP 2. Donate empty cans only to the red bins
STEP 3. We recycle the cans, preventing them from going to landfill
STEP 4. We take funds raised from the cans and purchase electric engines for club tenders and more, further benefitting the environment and the club.

It is a simple process but please make sure you are ONLY donating aluminium cans, the boxes or bags you are carrying them in can be placed into a separate rubbish bin located adjacent. The bins will be located at the main gate of the marina and in the yard.

We look forward to seeing what we can achieve with your support on this project.

The first race of the GenOA League took place last Wednesday. Congratulations to Sunshine for winning the first week (by default, being the only boat entered). Your chance to challenge Sunshine for the end of Season GenOA trophy is Wednesday, January 26.