Hello  Members,

I hope you are all ok and surviving this lockdown and the burst of cold weather.

We are now into day four of voting, please contact me if you have not received an email from TrueVote (Senior, Sailing and Associate members).  Online voting is very easy using any “smart” device.  Voting closes 30 minutes after the AGM is adjourned, this is the same as the EGM in May and an extension of the 9am time last year which was prior to the commencement of the AGM.  It is also consistent with the days of manual voting when members would vote in the committee room straight after the meeting was adjourned.

The Annual General Meeting commences 10am this Saturday 28 August, due to COVID restrictions it will be via webinar only.  Please use this link to register.


The Notice of Meeting included the statutory directors’ report, audit report, and financial reports, these are also on the website.  Flag Officer reports are on the website as well.  Thank you to the members who have provided questions in advance for the AGM.  Members who wish to ask questions should, if possible, email your questions to me by COB this Thursday.

The AGM will be adjourned around 11am, and voting will close 30 minutes later.  The meeting will re convene on line and be closed by the chair when voting closes.  Results of the election will be emailed to all members approximately an hour after voting closes.

The AGM and quarterly meetings are quite separate with different purposes and structure.  There will be not be a quarterly members meeting as conducting a quarterly meeting via webinar would be extremely challenging.  As happened last year, a face to face quarterly members meeting at RMYS will be arranged as soon as restrictions allow.



Matt Solly
General Manager