I hope you are all keeping as well as you possibly can, recent increases in COVID cases and tightening of restrictions reminds us of how infectious this virus is and how cautious we must be.

 This is how things are at RMYS:

On Water

Obviously no organised activities are possible, so no racing until the Victorian government allows.  Recreational boating is allowed, however it is heavily restricted.  Our interpretation is that it is classified as outdoor exercise which you may do with household members or one other person.  Personal distancing applies if you are with someone not from your household. Please check the DHHS website to see how the restrictions apply to your situation.


The main gate is member only FOB access at times although we realise non-members do “sneak” through when it is open which should be avoided.  Please ensure you maintain 1.5m personal distancing at all times.  Hand sanitising dispensers are fixed to the marina gates and should be used each time you touch the gate. 

Damien and Kuki are regularly on the marina and keep an eye out for any problems.  If you do have a specific concern about your boat, please contact Damien on 0412 137 183 who will assist if possible.



The yard is operating with lots of activity, please contact Damien to arrange slipping.  As the number of people in the yard is being restricted it is important you talk to Damien before you come in. 



The office is attended during normal hours however Jan is at reception Tuesday to Friday 10 am to 4pm, if you do visit please maintain a distance from the counter as shown on the floor.  The office itself is strictly staff only please.  The front door is closed so please enter via the wetbar area, L1 is closed.  The ground floor toilets are available however the showers and change rooms cannot be used.   



In accordance with legislation, from Thursday we are masking up.  Only those wearing masks will have access to the yard and the building, we are not able to provide masks so please ensure you have one with you. They must be worn on the marina, it Is not clear whether they are required to be worn on board a boat.  We will let you know if information becomes available.


This is the link to the Victorian DHHS website restrictions area:  https://www.dhhs.vic.gov.au/restrictions-metropolitan-melbourne-and-mitchell-shire-covid-19

It may be useful in determining how you are affected.

Stay safe everyone!