Hello Members,

Further to my email on Monday and following advice from Australian Sailing and BIA,  plus additional information from the Victorian government we need to make the following changes:


Contractors are able to work on boats in the marina, only in an emergency which threatens the environment or the capacity of the boat to stay afloat.

Between Damien, Colin and Kuki the marina will be inspected  at least daily seven days a week and  twice a day in strong winds.  We understand it is frustrating not being able to  check your boat so please do not hesitate to contact Damien on 0412 137 183 if you have any specific requirements.   If you live within 5km and include the marina in your walk please have a look around and report any problem to Damien. 


Tonight the yard will cease operation and it will not be possible for anyone to work on the boats currently in the yard.  They will remain there until legislation allows us to slip them and/or continue the required work.  


Effective tomorrow the office will be closed physically although still operating remotely.  Colin, Damien and Kuki will be the only staff on site on a rotating basis over seven days. 


As  I said in my note on Monday night, we welcome your phone calls, emails and zoom contact if you wish.  All of us can access the office phone on our mobiles so don’t hesitate to call that number or our individual mobiles.

Colin is still running the virtual sailing and on Friday night speaks with long time member Ross Flood in “Meet the Member”.   Amy is always looking for contributions to ebreeze so email her if you have a story to tell – or just want to make one up!     

Please contact me if you have any questions or require assistance.