Hello Members,

I trust you are coping and ok as we head into a tough six weeks or so.  Amongst our diverse membership, members will be reacting in various ways as we are further restricted in isolation.  I encourage you to think about those members who are on their own, may be more vulnerable than others and could do with a bit of help.   Call them, have a chat, reassure them they have support.  This is what Royal Melbourne Yacht Squadron is about.

We held off responding to the weekend announcements to see what the Premier said this afternoon and how today’s news might impact RMYS. 

It is clear the government wants us to stay home and when in doubt that is the best thing to do.  There are a lot of grey areas and still some analysis to do, however our interpretation so far of how the recent restrictions apply to RMYS is as follows:


On water

No on water activity is allowed, sailing is not considered exercise so no boating of any kind. 

RMYS Marina

Those who live within 5km of RMYS, may be able to include a lap of the marina in their daily walk but that is the only way members are able to be there.  What happens in an emergency such as a boat potentially sinking or requiring urgent repair is not known, however we hope the common sense principle applies and boat owners would be able to attend.  We believe contractors can still access the marina.   Damien and Kuki will continue to check the marina and all boats at least daily, please contact Damien if you have any specific concerns.

Yard Operation

This afternoon’s Premier’s statement is not clear relating to the operation of the yard and slipway.   As a workplace it may be able to stay open with an appropriate Covid plan although maintaining boats for recreational purposes is unlikely to be considered an essential service.  Late today I participated in communication with general managers from SYC, HBYC, RYCV and we did not come up with a firm direction.  We have sought advice from BIA Vic, and I will report on that when it becomes available.  Regardless of whether the yard remains open or not, effective Wednesday night only staff and contractors are able to enter.   I will update you on the operation of the yard when we have some clarity regarding the restrictions.  For many reasons it would be good to keep it open.


At this stage Jan and Colin are in the office, Jan 10am – 4pm Tuesday to Friday.  Effective Wednesday night the office is closed to visitors and members.   We do welcome your phone calls and emails and even zoom contact, so stay in touch and do not hesitate to contact us if you need anything.  Phone calls to the office are easily transferred to mobiles.

Please stay safe which right now means stay at home.