Opening Day would have been tomorrow and as we remain in step 2 of 4 back to COVID normal, there is much speculation about when organised sailing can return.  As you will see below we could be sailing Wednesday 21 October.

Boating is rarely mentioned in Government statements and restrictions, which means just about everything reverts to interpretation.   Our position throughout this has been to maintain a conservative approach and avoid searching for loopholes,  we do not want RMYS to become a COVID hub or be all over social media with a possible breach of COVID rules.  

It is really important that everyone follows the rules, looks after each other and stays safe and healthy.  

Some updates and reminders are:

Recreational Sailing.

  • The government has removed the distinction between powered and non-powered vessels so all boating is considered exercise.
  • The 5km rule applies and this includes the boating distance, so even when on your boat you must always be within 5km from your home – might be short legs and lots of tacking for some!
  • You need to be back home within two hours of leaving.
  • On the basis that your boat is not a public place,  sailing only with those from the same household is allowed.


  • Work may be carried out on boats which were in the yard when stage four commenced.
  • Only contractors are able to work on the boats,  members are not allowed to work on their boats.
  • Everyone entering the yard must register their attendance – please see Damien.
  • All COVID protocols apply – masks, distance, sanitising etc
  • Vessel movement can only be by a professional contractor.
  • At this stage new work must be for safety or essential reasons.  We are waiting for further clarification on this as it is very “grey”


  • Travel to the marina is allowed providing it is for emergency maintenance or safety purposes only.
  • You should maintain physical distancing by keeping at least 1.5 metres between you and others
  • You must wear a face covering when you leave home, unless you have a lawful reason for not doing so.
  • You take proof of vessel ownership with you.
  • You have proof of the vessels location. This could be a letter from RMYS confirming its location.

Clubhouse and staff

  • The clubhouse is closed and not accessible to members.
  • Damien and Kuki are working on site.
  • All admin staff are working from home, Amy and Jan on reduced hours.
  • Work commenced this week on the members bar which is being painted and the carpet replaced.  Weak spots in the floor have also been repaired.    

Organised Sailing

  • There is now no firm date for the commencement of step three as the trigger will be the case numbers, however based on the premier’s weekend statement we (and other yacht clubs) are working on 19 October.
  • Wednesday twilight race 21 October could be our first race on the way back to COVID normal.  
  • The 1.5m distance rule will apply on board for 90% of the time, this allows for tacks and other crew routines.    Dividing the length of your boat by 1.5 is not realistic as you must be able to demonstrate the distancing can be maintained while sailing.
  • All crew members must adhere to the mask wearing rules.
  • The sailing instructions will include the requirement to follow COVID rules.
  • Sailing Committee is considering the appropriate type of racing and Colin will advise details when available.
  • The return to racing date is based on current advice and could be postponed.
  • The rules are a little easier for those under 18 so juniors and training should check the relevant restrictions.


  • Catering will be provided when sailing resumes and we are working with our caterer to provide a “pop up” food and beverage service.
  • Outdoor maximum 50 people seated with groups of no more than ten.
  • Inside maximum 20 people seated over two spaces of 10.
  • Location is likely to be the northern side of the yard.
  • The rooftop could be used however it is more weather dependent and has logistical challenges.
  • We are considering expanding the hours and offering by opening this to the public, except member peak times such as Wednesday.

During all of these activities all COVID protocols and rules apply – distancing, proper sanitising, masks, cough and sneeze into a tissue or your elbow, stay home if you are not well.

Please contact me if you have any questions, we look forward to seeing you soon.