Hello Members,

I hope you are all going ok, there will no doubt be many very happy members who are Melbourne supporters.

The last COVID update was some time ago because not much has changed.   Today Victoria achieves the first dose vaccination target of 80%, allowing restrictions to ease slightly.

It’s therefore time to check the impact on RMYS.


  • Must be carried at all times
  • Must be worn indoors and outdoors (except at home)
  • Can be removed only to eat and drink non-alcoholic beverages

Public Gatherings

  • For social interaction for up to two people from separate households.
  • Up to five people from two households if all persons aged 18 years or older have received two vaccine doses

Organised on water activities

  • Still not possible and relies on 80% of the Victorian population 16yo and over being fully vaccinated.
  • Government advice is this should be reached by 5 November,  which means we could be racing on Saturday 6 November.

Opening Day

  • RYCV is not running the Lipton Cup regatta which was to be over the weekend 13 – 14 November.  Given this is now an available weekend it would be great to celebrate the opening of the season in some form.
  • It likely hospitality and density restrictions will prevent this however we will wait and see what is possible.

Recreational Boating

  • Boating isallowed as part of exercise
  • Right now you must be no more than 10km from home at all times but tonight this increases to 15km!
  • Up to four hours once per day
  • With one other person plus dependents (who cannot be left alone)
  • Masks are required although can be removed during strenuous exercise

Training Academy

  • Currently not operating and unfortunately there has been one day on the water since 1 July.  It is possible limited on water training might be able to resume late October.


  • The main gate requires FOB access at all times
  • Please scan the QR code on the main gate, this is an essential requirement with which we must comply
  • Practise social distancing
  • Apply public gathering rules


  • Operating fully, boat owners are not able to work on their boats.  Shipwrights and relevant contractors are allowed.
  • Reagan is now anti-fouling so contact Damien if you would like to use that service.
  • If you enter the yard please scan the QR code.

Change rooms

  • The ground floor toilets are open, COVID restrictions prevent use of the change rooms and showers as they are shared facilities.


  • The clubhouse is closed.


Four staff continue to work from home two days per week:

  • Jean –  Accounts
  • Jan – Membership
  • Lachlan – Communication
  • Colin – Boating

Please contact me by email or my mobile if you require immediate assistance.


It would seem the Victorian Government is starting to distinguish between the Vaccinated and the non-Vaccinated.   This separation is probable when hospitality re opens and in many public events.

While it will always be up to boat owners to determine who boards their boat,  the introduction of a policy requiring anyone entering RMYS to be fully vaccinated, is possible.

This information is based on advice from Australian Sailing and the Boating Industry Association (Vic), plus my own interpretation of government communication.  Please contact me if you have any questions.

I have mentioned previously the importance of contacting others who may be struggling for various and many reasons.   Have a think about friends, family and other members.  Call them, make sure they are ok, have a chat and help where you can.

Stay safe, stay  healthy and stay in touch.




Matt Solly

General Manager