Hello Members,

Restrictions are easing quickly and significantly, allowing RMYS to wake up and come out of its slumber.

The great news is there will be a race on Saturday afternoon, details will be in ebreeze tonight.  This will be an excellent opportunity to test the routines and see if the crew remembers how to put up a spinnaker.

Wednesday twilight racing will resume 3 November.  It will be up to skippers and boat owners to set crew vaccination requirements.

The Olympic Bar will open at 5pm this Friday with 20 people the maximum, at 6pm that increases to 50.   It will then revert to normal hours, please refer to the website.

Government Legislation allows only fully vaccinated people (if 16 years and older) in hospitality areas, at RMYS this is extended to the entire building and the yard.

Entry to the building will only be via the members bar balcony. The internal door from the change rooms will not be available, the wet bar door will be closed and the front door will not have FOB access.

There will be a COVID checking marshall on the members bar balcony.  To gain entry you will be required to scan the QR code and provide proof of vaccination by one of these methods:

  • Service Victoria app
  • Saved to smartphone
  • Printed copy with photo ID

Photo ID is also required with a medical exemption.

We understand this may disrupt your normal routine and indications are checking for vaccinations will be required for many months.  We will monitor the process and continue to improve where possible.

It is imperative that only vaccinated people are at RMYS, the penalties for not complying are significant and the health risk to others is substantial.

As some of you have noticed, the Pier Rd parking signs now show “no standing from 11pm to 5am”.  This was initiated by the police in an effort to control the “hoons” . It gives the police the ability to book cars parked and is intended as a deterrent.

Obviously it affects those members sleeping on their boats or going away, it will also be a problem for functions.  The police and CoPP are committed to the new rules, we will stay in touch with them regarding any possible changes.

We look forward to seeing you soon.