Hello Members,

The Premier’s announcement on Sunday moved the first step out of lockdown forward, based on the target of 70% fully vaccinated being achieved sooner than expected.

My interpretation of how the easing of restrictions, which comes into effect 11.59 Thursday 21 October,  relates to RMYS is as follows:

Organised on water activities

We are still not able to conduct races.  This is possible when 80% are vaccinated and based the target date we are planning to race on Saturday 6 November.

If this target is also achieved earlier, the expectation is the easing of restrictions will also be brought forward.

We understand how eager everyone is to return to racing and we will take any opportunity to commence earlier.

Recreational Boating

The distance and time limits will no longer apply which will provide many members an opportunity to see their boats for the first time in months.

Groups of up to 15 are allowed so if your boat can handle the numbers, that is your limit.

Change rooms and showers

These are required to remain closed, we anticipate being able to open them when organised activities commence.


Finally, members will be able to work on their own boats, please contact Damien regarding slipping your boat.

Training Academy

As training is distinguished from organised boating, RMSTA will re commence Sunday 31 October.  The backlog of courses will take a few weeks to clear then new bookings will ensure a busy summer.


Four of the five office staff have been working two days per week from home, they will return to full time next Monday 25 October.

The Clubhouse

The building will re-open when the 80% target is reached, we anticipate density limits will restrict numbers and will let you know when we have more information.


Government legislation allows only fully vaccinated people to hospitality areas, at RMYS this will apply to the entire building and the yard.  Having a hard copy of your vaccination certificate will be ok however putting it on your phone and within your Service Victoria app the most effective method of demonstrating you are fully vaccinated.  I have done this and will admit to finding it “clunky”  so start working on it soon.   Lachlan will have some instructions in ebreeze today.

We are nearly there so please let’s avoid any COVID breaches at this late stage.   We continue not to look for loopholes and to treat the safety of members and the reputation of RMYS, as the primary importance.

See you soon!


Matt Solly

General Manager