Hello Members,

The rollercoaster lockdown ride continues.  As I have suggested before, please check on those who may be a little vulnerable.

We probably all know the routine however the impact of the current lockdown on RMYS is as follows:

Trivia Night

Unfortunately postponed and will not go ahead tonight, although it is certainly not cancelled.  Damien and Todd have put  a huge amount of work into this fun event and about 140 people booked.  We are working on alternative dates and will let you know.

Man Over Board  training

This will not happen tomorrow, we will advise an alternate date.


Organised boating is not allowed , recreational boating (including Sailing) and fishing is outdoor recreation and permitted. However, within 5km, within 2 hrs, with a mask and with immediate family or one friend.  The forecast is poor for the weekend so we are probably not missing much!


The office is closed until the restrictions are eased, please contact me on my mobile if you require assistance.


There is no access to the clubhouse while the lockdown is in place, except the downstairs toilets.  COVID restrictions prevent use of the showers.


Boats will not be slipped and DIY maintenance Is not allowed, there is some uncertainty regarding contractors so please contact me if this is necessary.


The marina gates are open, if this is within 5km of your home you are able to visit the marina while walking within your two hour exercise period.  Damien and Reagan and on site and checking the marina regularly, please  call Damien (0412 137183) if you have any specific requirements or concerns.

A Good Call!

A wedding was booked in the Harbour Room for Saturday night, in response to lockdown speculation early yesterday morning the bride and groom brought the event forward to last night.    The place was jumping with 100+ people, of course all home by 11.59pm.  What a good call and a fantastic effort by everyone.

Hopefully the Mid Week Mariners are sailing next Wednesday and activity returns to the clubhouse.

Please look after yourselves and those around you.