Hello Members,


The current lockdown extension continues the closure of the Squadron and has impacted an event.  


A Night to Remember – Livin’ in the Seventies   

After  discussion with Laura Hamilton who has done a huge amount of work on this already, the event is postponed until a date to be determined in October or November.

Even out of lockdown, it is likely the one per four square metre restriction will apply, which limits the Harbour Room capacity to around 80.  It is also  likely dancing will not be allowed which definitely takes the fun out of the night.

So….. let’s work on doing this properly later in the year and enjoying a wonderful time together.


Rules Session

This is being run via zoom on Saturday 1000 to 1130, register on the website.


On Water  

There are no organised activities however recreational boating is allowed with restrictions.  You must stay within 5km of your home, be away from home for no more than two hours and only have those from your household on board.   



Damien and Reagan are checking all boats in the marina at least daily, please contact Damien on 0412 137 183 if you have any specific requirements for your boat.    Those living within 5km of the marina may include it in their daily walk.



The yard is operating and boats are being slipped, only contractors are able to work on boats. 



The ground floor toilets are open, COVID rules prevent communal showers being used.  The rest of the building cannot be accessed during the lockdown.



The office is closed and will not open until the lockdown ends.  Someone (probably me)  will answer the phone, responses to emails might be a little slow.  Please call me on my mobile if you require assistance.


We all have different circumstances and some will be finding this tougher than others, not just the lockdown but the uncertainty and the short notice.  Stay in touch with those around you. 


Stay safe, healthy and happy.