The Constitution Review Working Group (CRWG), established by the General Committee, has been mandated to review the current Constitution (adopted on 16 March 2019) of the Royal Melbourne Yacht Squadron.  Members have been encouraged to make submissions with respect to constitutional matters they would like to raise with the CRWG.  The comments received to date have been included in a comprehensive list of items to be considered.

The CRWG recently held its 8th meeting to formalise recommendations to be presented to the General Committee for comment and ultimately to the Members for review. The CRWG is recommending that matters for consideration be allocated as high, medium and low priority and as such be dealt with accordingly. In the coming months, Members will be asked to vote on high-priority items that include consideration for virtual meetings, voting procedures and electronic voting, vote counting, time for voting, and voting integrity.

Some of the changes requested also have an effect on the Governance Manual and these will be addressed in due course.

Members are asked to engage in this process whereby important issues are enshrined in the Constitution.  It is proposed that at the quarterly meeting in May an overview of the proposed high priority changes to the Constitution will be presented to Members.  A formal presentation on the Constitution changes will be put to Members in June at a Special General Meeting and a vote on the changes will take place at that time.  The dates for the foregoing schedule will be confirmed as soon as possible.

As the CRWG is an ongoing Committee you can still submit your suggestions for changes to your club’s Constitution to


Ian Lodewyckx

Vice Commodore; CRWG Chair