Commodore, Charles Meredith

Dear RMYS members

Last night you would have received a copy of the latest Australian Sailing assessment of the implications for sailing of the relaxation of COVID-19 restrictions. I urge you all to read and understand it.

We will keep you posted if and when any more information comes to hand.

The key things to understand about the current rules are:

  • no club racing is yet permitted
  • no clubhouse facilities can be used except for toilets
  • recreational sailing in a singlehanded dinghy is allowed
  • recreational sailing on a keelboat is allowed for one or two people, or for up to 10 family members
  • however, for both keelboat and dinghy sailing, 1.5 m social distancing must be maintained (that is maintained, not just possible) both on board and at all other times
  • a range of other requirements need to be met, including arriving dressed to sailing and returning home to change, washing your boat before and after, etc – check the AS letter.

Importantly, the advice remains to use common sense and to consider whether you need to undertake this or any other activity that may increase your or other people’s risk of COVID-19 infection. The rules are there to save lives.

I would personally urge you to be mindful of the risks to yourself and others. This virus is not gone and many of our members are in the age groups or health categories that are most susceptible to serious impact from COVID.

If you can sail safely and within the rules, then enjoy. If in doubt, then be precautionary and don’t sail.

Regards, Charles Meredith, Commodore