Happy New Year Everyone

New Year’s Eve arrived without the usual fanfare and fireworks, however, from all reports, the New Year’s Eve Marina party was a great success.

Looking back, while we encountered some challenges in 2020, we also made lots of progress. Over 20 resolutions were passed by the new General Committee since coming together in August. The following is a list of some of the main initiatives and achievements:

  • Financial assistance was provided to mooring holders, pen holders and members in need due to the COVID pandemic
  • The Marina Pen sublet fee was removed for members dealing directly with another member
  • Toilets on the Marina became operational
  • The Wet Bar, Change Rooms, Members Bar and Library were painted, and new carpet laid
  • The Cactus Cup was renamed to the Bert Ferris Cactus Cup
  • Student and Apprentice membership fee was reduced to $90pa
  • Buddy mentor system for boat owners was introduced to assist new members
  • Defibrillators were ordered for installation on the William Paterson and Marina
  • Ladders for the Marina approved to be installed, like the one trialled in Pen A7
  • Employed a full time Marketing and Communications person to focus on promoting membership and to attract new boats to the Marina
  • The Risk Management Plan and Matrix was completed
  • The operations of the RMSTA were reviewed by a working group
  • New Strategic Plan developed and to be implemented over the next 4 years

GC met in December and whist I won’t be providing the usual comprehensive report, the following are the main items:

  • The Architects have been instructed to prepare a “Staged Plan” with the Ground Floor being the priority
  • Financially we have survived the impact of COVID thanks to the Government assistance, which has now been reduced and will soon end
  • GC approved the reintroduction of the Sailing Safety Fee and Working Bee Levy
  • Our income from food & desire is now reduced to 10% of their gross income, due to COVID, therefore we encourage everyone to support the Members Bar and the Harbour Room on Wednesday nights
  • New member activity continues to increase and in December we approved 16 new members with five additional boats in our Marina. Please welcome the new members

The Nauti weekend is our next big event for 2021 and is part of the Australia Day festivities. We encourage everyone to get onboard with this great initiative.

I’m certain we are all wishing for a much safer and better year than the last. Let’s make it happen.


Greg Marino