Commodore’s Update – August 4th, 2020

Dear members,

Just a short final eBreeze article from me before I leave the Commodore role next Saturday. My video last week was my good-bye message – this article deals with the day-to-day matters that continue on regardless.

Firstly, the electronic voting for the elections commenced last Saturday and closes at 0900 this coming Saturday, just prior to the AGM. Feedback from members has been that it is going well, but if you have any queries, please contact the office for assistance.

Secondly, the AGM. The AGM will commence at 1000 this coming Saturday and will be conducted as a webinar, so you will need to register on your device to participate. A detailed agenda will go tomorrow, Wednesday 5th August with a link to register. If you do not receive this or are having any problems, please contact the office. This agenda will available in the members portal area of our website. The format will be as close to a normal AGM as we can achieve electronically but please note the following:

  • the reports from the flag officers and the treasurer have been posted in the members area of our website and will be taken as read, with the exception of the treasurer’s report which will be presented online at the webinar
  • there will be the opportunity to ask questions of the treasurer and myself; the way this will work will be explained at the beginning of the AGM so please ensure you are online then; there will be a further opportunity for questions at the end of the AGM, so we will restrict initial questions to those directly relevant to the reports
  • after questions, the results of the election will be announced by the General Manager and I will hand over the chair to the next commodore
  • the meeting will finish with a short address from the new commodore and an opportunity for further questions
  • presentation of burgees to flag officers will not be possible and will be done at the first suitable event that we can hold after lockdown.

This will be the first time we have held an AGM electronically, so please bear with us as we all get used to this way of doing things.

Finally, COVID-19. As we are all too aware, it is now Stage 4 lockdown. Sailing is no longer allowed and activities in the marina are severely restricted. It is likely that the yard will have to close as well – we are awaiting advice on this. While this is very disappointing to all of us, I would urge everyone to all play our part in getting on top of the virus. This is not the time to look for loopholes or complain about what might have been. We need to work together for the safety of everyone in the long term. And then we can start sailing again.

Thanks for the last two years, and stay safe.

Charles Meredith