Commodore, Charles Meredith

Dear Squadron members

As promised, here is my weekly eBreeze COVID-19 update for the Squadron.

After several weeks of constantly evolving announcements, things have settled down over the last week. We are remain in lockdown mode and are meeting all government requirements in relation to Squadron activities and to our members, staff and contractors. The clubhouse is completely closed to members and the public, and the office is closed, with office staff working from home. The yard remains operating with strict controls on social distancing, but only our yard staff and contractors are able to work there etc (it’s a workplace and the work cannot be carried out from home). Members cannot work on their boats in the yard as it not their place of work.  The yard staff are also regularly checking the clubhouse.


The marina remains open to our staff and to contractors, in a similar manner to the yard. Damo and Kuki are still checking boats and ensuring that everything is ok in the marina. Members can visit their boats for emergencies, to brief contractors, or a brief visit in the course of your outdoor exercise (always knew the long pier walk would be an advantage one day!).


However, the state government has made it very clear that recreational boating is not an approved activity during lockdown and there have been reports from other clubs of the water police being vigilant in this regard.


It has been very positive to see how well our members have understood and adapted to this difficult situation, including through some valuable discussions on the new RMYS Facebook group. On another positive note, we are now able to keep paying those office staff we thought we would have to stand down thanks to the Federal government’s JobKeeper program.


Stay safe.

Charles Meredith