Commodore’s Report – 6th October 2020

Dear Members,

The marine and boating industry have been advocating for better outcomes regarding on water activities and the safe reopening of our Club. Last Friday you would have received an email from General Manager Matt Solly, who provided an update on how things currently stand. With daylight saving and the warmer weather, we are all keen to get back on the water. Hopefully we will be sailing in about two weeks’ time.

With the clubhouse closed to members, the committees and subcommittees are meeting monthly via Zoom. The following is a brief summary of what is being worked on by the various committees which are chaired by the Flag Officers and Treasurer. I’ve also included the names of the hard working members who are involved on the committees.

Strategic Plan
Our Strategic Plan is a crucial part of our governance and planning for the next four years. We considered several options and are pleased to announce that GC has engaged Sports Business Partners (SBP) to review our Strategic Plan. SBP specialise in sporting clubs and have recently completed work for RGYC and they are the same firm who prepared our last strategic plan. The process can be costly and time consuming for all the participants and with the current COVID restrictions, we decided to review the existing plan rather than prepare a completely new one from scratch. The main contributors in the process will be GC with assistance and feedback from Sub-Committees.

Building Redevelopment
The current Project Control Group includes Greg Marino (Chair), Mark Grinter (Vice commodore), Charles Meredith (Immediate Past Commodore), Tom Jordan (Senior Member) and Matt Solly (General Manager). Members with specialised skills will be invited to join as needed.

Last week members had the opportunity to review the concept plans and the presentation by the architects, posted on You Tube. At the members webinar last Wednesday night, the format suggested by the architects enabled them to cover the main themes and answer many questions in the 90-minute webinar. Should anyone have any additional questions please email them to Matt Solly manager@rmys.com.au . The questions and answers will be displayed in the member section of the website.

We had very positive feedback from many members, however we are aware that there are some members who would benefit from understanding more about the process. To make this clearer for all I have outlined the steps achieved to date, and the further steps required:

1. Building Master Plan – October 2017
2. Architects expression of interest from six firms – 2018
3. Architects team appointed – March 2019
4. Members consultation process, meeting and survey. June 2019
5. Building concepts developed with three options – August 2019
6. Building preferred concept selected by GC – March 2020
7. Architects presentation to members – September 2020

8. Finalise plans, town planning, heritage and sustainability – Architects June 2021
9. Project stages to be identified
10. Estimates of costs for each stage
11. Expressions of interest in cafe
12. Expressions of interest in rooftop
13. Business case for each stage
14. Fully costed and quoted
15. Consultation with members
16. Decision to proceed with first stage
17. Commencement of works

As you can see, there is still a great deal of work to be undertaken before we can commence the project.

Our clubhouse is in urgent need of renovations and we are excited by the opportunity to plan for the future. We certainly don’t propose that the Squadron go into significant debt during a time of COVID restrictions and uncertainty. By the time we are up to Step 15 and ready to consult with members again, we hope to be back to business as usual.

The Finance Committee includes David Hodge (chair), Greg Marino, Peter Davison, Aurelie Chabrol, Guy Obeid, Antony Elliott and Matt Solly.

The Finance Committee monitors the financial performance of the Squadron and reported that the Year to Date surplus is better than budgeted. We thank all our members for their support, in these difficult and uncertain times.

We received very positive feedback on the COVID Relief offered to members last month. To date about 25% of the members have taken up the offer.

The Sailing Committee includes Monica Jones (chair) Steve Thompson, Jurgen Pfeiffer, Ron Brown, Mick Culhane, Alistair Hart, Andrew McConchie, Steve Thompson, John Taylor, Alan Watkins, Jason McCutcheon (minutes) and Colin Burgess.

The Sailing Committee is working on the following:

  • ORC Club update – Discussion on the possible dropping AMS in future
  • Possible replacement to IRC due to low numbers at RMYS
  • Kite boarding and foiling boards – pose a risk to juniors sailing /OTB sailing, investigating solutions
  • AWKR – sponsorship document and website updated. AWKR are looking to secure sponsorship, especially a major sponsor
  • Presentation night – alternative options are being considered
  • Virtual Racing /Sail Online – there is very active engagement on both platforms by members
  • The committee has been following up non active boats and prompting RMYS as a destination for other clubs
  • Plans ongoing for post COVID cruises
  • Memberpoint app is almost ready to be released
  • On water safety plan risk matrix almost ready. The on-water Risk Management includes the junior program and training.

The Facilities Committee includes Mark Grinter (Chair), David Allen, Neil Finlayson, David Whiting, Jim Oosterweghel, Aengus O’Donnell, Jeff Whiteside and Matt Solly.

The Facilities Committee have been working on the following:

  • The maintenance work to the Members Bar to include the replacement of some floorboards eaten by white ants and painting of the ceiling
  • The carpet on the landing outside the male and female toilets to be replaced
  • External promotional and identification signs to be installed on the members balcony rail, north fence and committee room balcony rail.

Member Services
The Member Services Committee includes Rick Matthews (chair), Peter Chapman, Cameron Reed, Julie Cutler, Mark Davies, Julie Davis, Bob Galbally, Anthony Callanan, Jan Hurst, Rob Ellis, Amy Corcoran, Lea Ram, Laura Hamilton, April Wilkinson, Graeme Savage, Pauline Callanan (minutes)

The Member Services Committee has been working on the following:

  • Reporting on membership statistics with historical graphs to be posted on the members portal
  • Marketing subcommittee is recommended to be formed
  • New member follow-up communication process
  • Discover sailing day process to be revived to maximise new members
  • Review of member induction manual
  • Communication and Culture ongoing improvement
  • University student program – is ongoing
  • Events committee is using Kahoots trivia platform
  • New Year’s Eve Party is in the planning
  • The Friday night members draw on Zoom, hosted by Colin provide an opportunity for members to socialise and stay in touch. Please join in on the fun at future activities.

Please contact me or any GC member if you require any additional information about the Squadron.

Greg Marino