Colin’s Conundrums-31. 27 Oct

Questions Week 30

1: Weather

A. Swell waves are described by the BOM as moderate if their height is:

a. from 2.00 to 4.00 metres

b. over 4.00 metres

c. over 5.00 metres

d. from 0.00 to 2.00 metres

B. A barometer measures the:

a. atmospheric temperature

b. rise and fall of atmospheric humidity

c. changes in atmospheric pressure

d. wind speed

C. If an observer in the Southern Hemisphere stands facing the wind, the centre of a low pressure system will lie to the observer’s:

a. left

b. right

c. rear

d. front

2: I.R.P.C.S

If you were to hear this sound what is it likely to indicate

3: Rules
Red is luffing on Starboard when Blue approaches from behind the sail on Port to tack beneath Red, but whist she passes through to starboard she does not reach the closed hauled position. She blocks Red’s way and Red calls for water. Blue protests saying the windward boat should have kept clear.

Does red have right to water?

4: Seamanship
A. A bow spring is a line that connects from what to what
B. According to BOM a forecast for ‘Later in the evening’ covers the hours of
C. What does the symbol ‘M’ on a chart indicate
D. When approaching a sectored light, the light appears green, what should you do

Answers Week 30

1: Weather

Q1: The term “significant wave height” used in Bureau of Meteorology forecasts describes the:
a. average height of the highest one-third of the waves
b. a big wave
c. the average height of the highest waves
d. rogue waves

Q2:The Bureau of Meteorology “coastal waters forecasts” are for areas within 60nm of the coast.
TRUE                          FALSE

Q3: The term “Wind speed” used in Bureau of Meteorology forecasts describes the:
a. highest wind speed including gusts.
b. lowest wind speed apart from gusts.
c. highest wind speed, gusts may be up to 40 per cent lower.
d. average wind speed, gusts may be up to 40 per cent stronger.

Q4: A high pressure area is also called:
a. a frontal zone
b. cyclonic
c. a polar front
d. an anticyclone

2: Navigation
What is Lee Bowing the Tide. Explain how it can help

3: Rules
Green is holding still by luffing at the line. Red is heading to pass her stern on starboard but Blue comes from above, also on starboard and calls for water.

Should Red keep clear? Yes. The green boat is an obstruction, because both Red and Blue must keep clear of Green under rule 11 and rule 12. Therefore rule 19.2(b) applies and the outside boat (Red) must give the inside boat (Blue) room to pass the obstruction (Green).

4: General Sailing
Q1: The red circle in the following images identifies which sailing term?

Q2: An emergency wreck mark has which of the following top mark characteristics?

         A                                          C                      D


Q3: What is an emergency wreck mark used for?


Q4: Which of the following colours identifies an emergency wreck mark?

                                 B                       C                      D 

5:Mystery Objects