Colin’s Conundrums-29. 13 Oct

Questions Week 29

1: Rules
Green is holding still by luffing at the line. Red is heading to pass her stern on port but Blue comes from above, also on port and calls for water.

Should Red keep clear?

2: I.R.P.C.S
What does this sound signal mean?”

3: Weather
1. On marine weather charts a three and a half feathered arrow indicates a wind speed of:
a. 35 knots
b. 53 knots
c. 15 knots
d. 25 knots
2. A strong wind warning indicates average winds over:
a. 35 knots
b. 53 knots
c. 15 knots
d. 25 knots
3. A cold front is drawn on a weather chart as a curve with black semi circles lining its eastward edge.

4: Mystery Objects

5: Navigation
1. What is important to check when transferring a position from GPS to a chart?
2. When using a buoy as an aid to navigation, what do we always need to considered?
3. You are about to sailin  pass another yacht  in a close situation. What can happen in this situation?

Answers Week 28

1: Racing Rules
Blue and Red are both reaching on starboard to the Boat End for the start. Just before the gun, blue luffs up to the line, cutting off Red’s approach. Red protests.

Does Red have a valid protest? YES In accordance with rule 16.1 Blue may not change her course so late, because Red by this time no longer has room to keep clear. Blue should have luffed earlier, if she wanted to close the gap. There is no rule, that requires of a boat (here: Red) to anticipate an action of another boat (here: Blue’s luff towards the starting line), even if this action is to be expected.

2: I.R.P.C.S
What does this sound signal mean – Use in poor visibility 

Not Under command, Unable to Manoeuvre, Hampered by Draught, Fishing, Sailing
3: Weather
a) In which direction do winds travel around a high pressure system in the southern hemisphere? ANTICLOCK
b) Use a diagram to explain what is a ‘pressure gradient’ in a pressure system?

4: Navigation
A: using the charlet provided draw up the EP based on the follow extract from the ships log. CHART

Time Position Heading (M) speed tide dir tide spd
1000 RMYSA 225 5knts 135 2knts
1100   225 5knts 135 1.5knts
Position approx

Position Approx

5: Mystery Objects:
This week they are all things found inside RMYS club House

6: General

A: In what circumstances should automatic steering NOT be engaged?
B: What obligation has the Master of a ship in their response to a distress signal?
C: By definition, a ship is seaworthy if its hull, machinery and equipment are in a fit state to encounter the ordinary perils of voyages undertaken. What is the remaining condition to be met in order for a ship to be seaworthy?