Colin’s Conundrums-18

Hey Folks
Some more questions  to keep the old grey matter active. Send your answers to racing@rmys.com.au 

1.Navigation – Chart work
What is a “cocked hat”in regards to navigation and why do we get it,which image below represents this? 

2. Sailing Rules: Collision
You are boat A in the below diagram, how can you tell if you are going to collide with boat B?


3. I.R.P.C.S – Lights.
Correctly identify the cut off angles of the lights below

4. General Knowledge 

1. Vertical clearances, such as bridges, will always be shown on tidal area charts measured at what?
a. height designated by the Coast Guard equal to the median clearance at high tide divided by the median clearance at low tide and multiplied by two.
b. low tide.
c. sea level.
d. mean high water.

2. A catboat is a sailboat with what?
a. three jibs
b. no cabin and the rudder amidships
c. the mast placed far forward and no foresail
d. two hulls

3. What is freeboard?
a. A song by Leonard Skynard.
b. Getting on board without a ticket.
c. The distance from the gunwale to the waterline.
d. A keel that retracts into the cabin.

4. What happens if you’re sailing in a regatta, and cross the starting line before the race starts?
a. you raise a white burgee with a red cross indicating an admission of guilt and an apology to the other participants
b. you must take a 720-degree penalty turn
c. you must sail completely back across the starting line before continuing the race
d. you are disqualified

5. What does a buoy, in inland waters with a red horizontal band over a green horizontal band indicate?
a. A marina with diesel services.
b. The direction of the preferred channel.
c. A swimming area.
d. A sunken vessel.

6. If you’re sailing at night on a starboard tack and see a single red light off your starboard bow, what should you do?
a. Sound two long and two short blasts on the horn
b. Steer to port
c. Maintain your course and speed
d. Check your depth finder

5. Crossword: Theme –  Sailing Terms 1. Try this online crossword to kill some time. DOWNLOAD

6. Mystery Object

Week 17 Answers

1.Navigation: Leeway
When converting a course steered by compass in TRUE for a chart  the allowance you make are: Select correct answer
Wind from the port: Add angle/Subtract angle
Wind from Starboard: Add angle/Subtract angle

2. Tides: Correctly complete the following
a. Tides are the VERTICAL raise and FALL of the seas surface caused by the gravitational pull of the EARTH and MOON.
b. When the Sun and MOON are in line we get SPRING tides

3. Effects of Tides: Provide a meaning for the following

4. Chart work: Correctly name the picture symbols

5. Just for fun: Caption this

6: Sailing Slang: Many phrases that have been adopted into everyday use originate from seafaring – in particular from the days of sail.Can you provide the meaning for
a. Toe the line- When called to line up at attention, the ship’s crew would form up with their toes touching a seam in the deck planking.
b. Turn a blind eye – From Admiral Lord Nelson’s awesome display of badassery at the Battle of Copenhagen. When the signal was given to stop fighting, Nelson held his spyglass to his blind eye and insisted he didn’t see the signal. He then proceeded to kick butt, of course.
c. Cut and Run – most often thought to mean the cutting of an anchor line in an effort to make a quick getaway. 

7: Mystery Objects: Nice and easy this week