Colin’s Conundrums-10

Hi Folks. Below are this weeks quick questions that I hope you will get involved with .  Bottle of red up for grabs for the person who completes the most questions and gets the most correct. 

Last weeks winner: Tony Hoppe (Again)

This weeks questions.
Send answers to racing@rmys.com.au

1: Navigation Question:  match the light sequences with the associated marks 

Sequence Answer Mark  
White -Group Fl 9   A – Special Mark
White – Group Fl 2   B – Preferred Chanel Mark
White – Occulting    C – Cardinal mark – West
Red any rhythm   D – Isolated Danger
Green-  Group Fl   E – Safe Water Mark
Yellow – Any rhythm    F – Lateral Mark 

2: Nautical Sayings: In terms of their nautical meaning please let me know what you think the following are:
Old Salt

3: Weather Forecasts: In regards to pressure tenancy  describe the following as per a weather forecast in terms of time and mb change. I have provide the first answer

Steady Changes less than 0.1mb in 3hrs
Rising/Falling Slowly  
Rising or Falling  
Rising or falling quickly  
Rising or Falling Very rapidly  
Now rising or falling   


4: Puzzle: Match the sea state with the correct Beaufort wind force scale from the list provided (click image for larger view)

5: Mystery Objects:
Please send me your mystery objects


6. Sailing Knowledge:  Match the letter of each boat with its point of sail.

Send your answers to Colin by 10am Tuesday

Answers to last weeks Questions 

1: Navigation Question: Tidal Heights

        1. Vertical Height of Light above MHWS
        2. Spring Range of Tide
        3. Charted Elevation
        4. Height of Tide
        5. Focal Plane of Light above Height of Tide

2: Nautical Sayings:
Topping Lift: Line from boom end to mast head
Tell tails: Yarn or Fabric attached to sail or rigging to indicate wind direction or assist in optimising sail trim

4: Weather Forecast
    Imminent  – With in 6 hrs of time of issue
    Soon – 6 to 12 hrs of time of issue
    Later – 12 to 24 hrs from time of issue
    Good – Visibility greater the 5 NM
    Moderate – Visibility 2 to 5 NM
    Poor – Visibility 1000m to 2NM
    Fog – Visibility less than 1000m

5: Match the clouds – Click to enlarge 

5: Mystery Objects
1 Bow Roller
2 Anchor
3 Boom Vang